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Shakira Helps Business Leaders 

Effectively Communicate

As a Master Branding & Business Communication Keynote Speaker, Shakira M. Brown brings her experience, tenacity, realness and most of all seasoned  business prowess along with a real desire to teach audiences how to lead. In her tailored workshops and keynote presentations you will hear actionable advice, groundbreaking new ideas and unbelievable case studies on how she’s helped business leaders connect with who they are and how they want to be perceived. Shakira’s goal in every presentation is to encourage, challenge and inspire you to lead with precision with a focus on effective communication,

a reinvigorated outlook and new approaches to reach strategic goals.

Book Shakira M. Brown as the Keynote Speaker or Workshop Presenter for your  entrepreneurship, leadership, marketing, sales and/or internal training event or conference. One participant said, “A pure Boost of energy!” is the absolute best way to describe hearing Shakira. Total confidence in my business's ability to grow and thrive is my new found feeling after Shakira’s presentation.”

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  • Effective Business Communications To Get What You Want

  • Communicate Like a Leader 

  • Personal Brand Strategies for Executive Presence

  • Tap into Your Collective - Creative Thinking & Innovation 

  • Influence and Persuasion 

  • Growth Hacking 

  • Clarify  Your Business Message to Increase Profits

  • Marketing Plan Fundamentals for Start-Ups

  • 7 Traits  Start-Up Entrepreneurs Need to Avoid Dysfunction

  • Defining Your Competitive Edge: Building Your Brand Equity Via Social Media Platforms

  • Master the Moment - Networking to Win New Business

  • From Side Hustle to Full-Time - Leave Your Job Change Your Life

  • Do It Yourself - Public Relations for Marketing Success

  • Market Your Business on a Lean Budget

  • Website Police: Live Site Reviews with Actionable Advice

    Or let me customize a presentation or workshop 



"As always, the breadth and depth of Shakira's knowledge is incredible and such a benefit to those of us attending her seminars."

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