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Expert Workshop Facilitation


Shakira M. Brown, Award-Winning Branding & Communications Strategist
Nationally Recognized Small Business Presenter  & Keynote Speaker

Gain an Advantage with Facilitated Effective Communication, Leadership, Development, Innovation and Branding Workshops

Contact Us 1-888-436-0033 Ext. 2

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Shakira M. Brown, award-winning Branding & Communications Strategist and CEO of SMB Strategic Media LLC will lead your group as a facilitator according to your desired requirements. By using a systematic process of creative problem solving and conversational leadership, you will be able to create a solution for your challenges (large or small),which you will be able to implement.

Through a facilitated workshop  or conference session participants will develop new and innovative solutions for your business challenges and strategic plans. The goal of your workshop can be the development of a new process, product and/or service; it’s your choice. Your workshop will be customized to match your needs so that you attain the outcome that you want. In-person classroom or virtual available.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Effective Communication

  • Leadership Development Skills

  • Remote Worker Communication

  • Foundational Communication Skills for New Professionals

  • Managing a Multigenerational Workforce

  • Fostering Innovative Thinking 

  • Mindfulness/Mindful Communication

  • Managing Difficult Conversations with Empathy

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Communication Strategies

  • Defeat Burnout - Coaching & Mentoring 

  • Influence & Persuasion for Sales Leaders

  • Design Thinking for Ideation 

  • Gender Specific Leadership Skills 

  • Mastering Sales & Negotiation

  • Public Speaking

  • Public Relations Strategy

  • Storytelling for Increased Stakeholder Engagement

  • Marketing 

  • Content Marketing

  • Brand Strategy 

  • Developing a Success Mindset

  • Shakira consistently 4.5 or better star ratings for her speaking presenations 

  • She has worked in news production for all three major broadcast television networks (ABC, NBC, CBS), plus MSNBC

  • Shakira served in the prestigious/competitive NBC Page program beating out thousands of other candidates for her page “class"

  • Shakira has TV credits so she has been a voting Academy Member of the EMMYs for 15 years. When winners thank "the Academy" she is one of those people!

  • She has either advised or has been employed in over 20 industries since the age of 13 

  • Shakira was named a prestigious "Woman of Distinction" in 2011

  • Her insights and commentary have been in over 20 media outlets in print, radio, video and podcasts 

  • Shakira had optimized her website so well that fans of the Columbian singer, Shakira, were sending her fan mail and calling her even though she's a different Shakira

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